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ᐊᐁᑊᓀᑎᑊᕮᑊᐟ AXENET’I TTH’AL

Axenet’i Tth’al (pronounced Aah-hen-neh ti thul) or “Fringe” in English, was an interactive fringe landscape exhibited at Wanuskewin Galleries from July 15 to October 6, 2017. It is the product of a long-term residency with visual artist Michèle Mackasey and the English River First Nation in Patuanak, with guest artist Manuel Chantre.

ᐊᐁᑊᓀᑎᑊᕮᑊᐟ Axenet’i tth’al  (publication), Common Weal Community Arts & Wanuskewin Galleries

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